Nursery and Reception

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Week beginning 28th September 2020

This week we have been continuing with our RE Topic of ‘Family’ learning all about ‘Myself.’ We know we are precious to God and our family and have talked all about the special people in our lives.

Our Story of the Week is ‘The Very Hungary Caterpillar’. We love joining in the phrase “but he was still hungry!” and are learning the days of the week! He ate a lot on Saturday, no wonder he had a stomach ache!

We are super counters in Reception and Nursery! Our number of the week is 1. We have been looking for the symbol in and around school and home. Some children tell me they have a number 1 on their door at home!

Reception have started Phonics this week, we have learned the sounds: s a t p i and are getting really good at hearing the first sounds of words.

We love our Tuesday Outdoor Learning Day, this week we went on a mini beast hunt and made bug houses! We also collected leaves and made animal leaf pictures.

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Week beginning 9th March

In RE, we finished our ‘Gathering’ topic with a class liturgy. We know the different ways we gather and why we do this. 

We have been writing words and sentences to describe the ‘Owl Babies’ – Sarah, Percy and Bill. We have looked out our new class book ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ ready for new bear themed activities next week. We are already fantastic at retelling the story!

We have still been looking at 3d shapes in and around the classroom. We have also been working with numbers to 20 in different ways.

We loved our World Book Day activities! The workshop was fantastic, we were all engaged and loved being monsters from ‘Where the Wild Things Are’. We made book marks and designed book covers too. We also brought in our favourite book and shared it with our friends. 

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Week beginning 2nd March

In RE, we continued our ‘Gathering’ topic and looked at a story of Jesus with the children. We decided Jesus was a kind, loving , friendly man who we would love to meet. 

We wrote Owl Baby recounts. Some of us wrote sentences to include the beginning, middle and end, and others completed the story with the correct words. We have been practicing our writing in all areas too through writing McDonald’s orders and hair dressing appointments, using the phonic sounds we know.

We have investigated 3d shapes and tried hard to identify and name them. We are recognising numbers 11 to 20 and are counting objects in our play. 


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Week beginning 24th February 2020

This week we continued our topic of ‘Gathering’ in RE. We talked about the visit we had to church last half term and thought about all of the things we could see. We discussed how we gather at church at the weekend and why we do that. 

We have loved our new story theme ‘Owl Babies’. We have joined in retelling the story and sequenced it on own own. We have been very creative and made props to support our play making masks and wings! We have acted out parts of the story. Our favourite part is when Bill the youngest owl says “I want my Mummy!” Next week, we want to make nests just like the ones the owl babies live in!

We have looked at 3d shapes this week too. We have hunted around the classroom to find spheres, cubes, cuboids and cones. We haven’t managed to find any pyramids! 

We are still adding to our role play McDonald’s area and have a hairdressers above now! We have written appointment cards and created beautiful hairstyles!



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Week beginning 3rd February

This week in RE, we have learned all about Islam. We thought about which objects we have that are special to us and found out that Muslims have a precious book called the Qur’an and prayer mats. We designed our own prayer mats and thought about why they are used. 

In English, we have been reading “Goodnight Moon” which we discovered has lots of rhyming words. We thought of our own rhyming words and were able to create our own rhyming strings! 

In Maths, we used weighing scales to find heavy and light toys in the classroom. We can say how we know they are heavy or light too. We have also been practicing writing our numbers. 

At the end of the week, we began playing ‘McDonald’s’ so we have decided to change our role play area into a McDonald’s! We have started making signs and bags for food. Next week we are going to make cars for the drive through, menus and happy meals.

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Week beginning 13th January

In RE, we have continued our Community: Celebrating topic by visiting church. We were very respectful when we looked at everything and asked sensible questions about what we could see. We talked about which celebrations might take place in a church and came up with: Baptisms, weddings, Christmas and Easter.

In English we finished innovating ‘Rosie’s Walk’ to ‘Goldilocks’ Walk’. We read a new story ‘Whatever Next’ which links with our Role Play Space theme as Baby Bear goes to the moon!

In Maths, we have been looking at measures, particularly length. We grouped ourselves together to find out who the tallest, smallest and medium sized people are in class. We have also got a height chart which we have measured ourselves up against – I wonder how much we will grow? We have used rulers, tape measures and cubes to measures things around the class too.

We have also enjoyed our Dance PE session, junk modelling, stencil rubbings and creating stars for our space area. 


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Week beginning 6th January 2020

Happy New Year!

We have started our new term with a new RE topic of ‘Community:Celebrating’. We have talked about the different ways and why we celebrate. We’ve played at making our own celebrations with birthday parties and tea parties. 

In Maths, we have been investigating shapes in and around the classroom and at home. We have made our own shape pictures by drawing around shapes whilst naming and comparing them.

In English, we have innovated the story of ‘Rosie’s Walk’ to change parts, such as, the characters and setting. Our new story is ‘Goldilocks Walk’ which we have acted out and written up. We are doing very well in our phonics sessions, we love to read and write new words every day. 

Our upper role play area has been transformed into Space! So far, we have made, painted and counted space rocks, as well as look at pictures of the different planets. 

We loved our new PE Dance session, especially all of the different boxing type movements . It was very tiring but we felt very fit and healthy afterwards. 

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Week beginning 11th November 2019

In RE this week, we finished our topic of ‘Welcome’ with our class liturgy and Big Question. We talked about how we can welcome people into our school and know that we welcome babies and people into God’s family through Baptism. We know where the baby is baptised and that the Godparents hold a candle.  

We created a large poppy for the Remembrance Day assembly on Monday and transformed our role play area into an Autumn scene. We have painted and used collage materials to make leaves and hibernating animals. 

We are all doing very well in our phonics and reading sessions, trying hard to blend sounds together to read words. We love story time in class, always asking questions and relating facts in stories to our own experiences.

Our Maths focus number this week is 5. We have been recognising the number in and out of school, and have been finding different ways of making number 5 too. 

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Week beginning 14th October

This week in RE, we started our new topic of ‘Welcome.’ We talked about how could welcome people into our class and school and how they might feel. We designed and created a fabulous welcome poster for our classroom door. 

All of this week, we have been busy preparing for our Superhero and Princess Party. We have baked cakes, made gingerbread men and created chocolate crispy cakes. We loved decorating them and enjoyed eating them! We made decorations for the classroom and had a fantastic party on Friday. We looked fabulous in our costumes and had a great day!